Labonova® Central RO 

Multi-Purpose Purity-Reverse Osmosis Equipment

The Labonova® Central RO series produces pure water for a wide variety of applications by reversing the natural osmosis process to deionize water in an environmentally friendly manner. Pure water produced via reverse osmosis can be put to a number of uses in laboratories - for rising laboratory glassware or as feed water to autoclaves, claimatized cabinets and ultrapure water systems. The Labonava® Central RO Series focuses on economic efficiency, combining a compact design with hign quality components and intelligent controls.  Additional equipment, such as different sizes of tanks and pressure pumps, can be added to the plant according to customers' individual needs. The system can, for instance, be set up as a central water treatment plant in a building and supplemented with accessories to form a closed circuit pipeline. All systems are equipped with  an RS 232 interface. 

Labonova® Central RO Series is designed to produce large amounts of purified water with conductivity values depending on the salt content of the feed water ( for example 1000 μS/cm tap water quality: < 20μS/cm product water ). The deionization rate is at least 98%.

Typical Applications                                      

Feed for laboratory ultrapure water systems                         

General chemistry                                                                        

Laboratory washing machines                                               

Water for autoclaves and enviromental chanmbers                     

Buffer preparation                                                                          


  • The deionization rate is more than 98%.

  • The maximum recovery rate is 75%.

  • RS232 interface is equipped

  • Intelligent controller monitors water quality all the time.

  • Easy installation, and convenient maintenance and upgrade.

  • The system can be customized design.

  • The water output can even be 3000 l/h according to customer's demand.