Labonova® LS10

Low-Energy Consumption and Cost-Effective

Labonova® LS10 system is a water purification system that produces pure water (Type II water) from tap water. The use of "low-energy" membranes enable a very efficient and economical operation of the system. So the system can produce high-quality water with very low energy consumption.

Labonova® LS10 includes pretreatment module and deionization module. They make the water conductivity less than 0.1μS/cm. The typical production rate of the permeate water is10L/h. Labonova® LS10 has two extraction ports: water can be extracted under pressure from the Point-of-Use dispenser or from the outlet on the back of the unit. The system is also equipped with a built-in 7L water storage tank and added an external 60L water storage tank. Optionally, a charged 0.2 μm sterile filter at the dispenser can be used to remove bacteria and endotoxins.

Typical Applications

General Chemistry



Cytology + histology work

Photometry and spectrophotometry

Buffer preparation
Media preparation
Feed for laboratory ultrapure water systems
Final Rinse of laboratory washing machines


  • Connection to municipal water supply

  • 7L built-in tank and 60L external tank

  • Conductivity monitoring online

  • Easy module exchange via quick-release connections

  • 0.2 μm sterile filter with endotoxins retention function as option available

  • Whisper operation mode


  • Type II production rate
  • 10 l/h
  • Conductivity at 25℃
  • < 0.1 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25℃
  • >10 MΩ-cm
  • Rejection rate for bacteria
  • 99%
  • Rejection rate for particles
  • 99%
  • Bacteria*
  • <1 cfu/ml
  • Particles >0.2μm*
  • <1 per/ml
  • Shipping weight
  • 24kg
  • Power supply
  • 100-240/50-60 V/Hz
  • Imension: H/W/D
  • 535/290/400 mm
  • Feed water pressure
  • 0.1-5.0 bar
  • Feed water conductivity
  • <2000 μS/cm
  • Feed water temperture
  • 5-35 ℃
  • Origin
  • Germany


  • Item
  • Cat. No
  • Pretreatment module
  • W3T197613
  • RO module
  • W3T197620
  • DI module
  • W3T197618
  • Vent filter
  • W3T199880