Labonova® Pure

Produce First-Class Pure Water

Labonova® Pure is designed for the production of pure water from tap water. The product water exceeds all relevant standards including ASTM, and ISO 3696 Type II. The system is incorporates reverse osmosis membrane, DI Module, built-in 30L tank and all needed accesories in one unit.The permeate production rate is 15L per hour. With at least 98 % salt reduction in RO section and a polished water quality < 0.1 µS/cm, the product water can meet nearly all the laboratory needs on analysis water.

The space saving system can be used wall mounted or on a bench top. The system are ready to go because the first set of consumables is included.

COtrap/vent filter combinations and UV sanitization units are equipped to protect the incorporated tank from contamination.

Labonova® Pure system are the perfect solution for all general laboratory water needs including feed water for ultra pure water systems. Additional water outlets on the tank can be used to feed dishwashers or autoclaves.

The unique design for all Labonova® Pure system cartridges allows an easy and fast replacement. High quality material are used in the cartridges to ensure the quality of water. A conductivity meter in the circulation section constantly measures the purity of the product water. Labonova® Pure system has been developed with the features of stable operation and low running costs.

Typical Applications

Chemical analysis

Buffer preparation


Media preparation

Feed for ultrapure water


  • 30 L tank is integrated

  • Space saving

  • Quality control of product water

  • High production rate for laboratories: 15L/h

  • Pure water conductivity <0.1 μS/cm

  • Convenient connection; Plug and play


  • Production rate
  • 15 l/h
  • Conductivity at 25℃
  • <0.1 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25℃
  • >10 MΩ-cm
  • Rejection rate for bacteria
  • >99 %
  • Rejection rate for particles
  • >99%
  • Power supply
  • 100-240/50-60 V/Hz
  • Dimension: H/W/D
  • 590/405/395 mm
  • Feed water pressure
  • 0.1-5.0 bar
  • Feed water conductivity
  • <1400 μS/cm
  • Colloid index
  • <3 SDI
  • Free chlorine and Fe
  • <0.1 mg/l
  • CO2
  • <15 mg/l
  • Origin
  • Germany


  • Item
  • Cat. No
  • Pre-filter and RO-module
  • W3T199852
  • DI module
  • W3T199213
  • CO2 trap replacement cartridge
  • W3T199197
  • Replacement UV lamp
  • W3T199748