Labonova® Ultra Pro

Meet All Your Extreme Demands on Ultrapure Water

Labonova® Ultra Pro system from Think-lab Corporation can produce efficient, high-quality, and stable ultrapure water feed with pure water. The water quality with a resistivity of 18.2MΩ.cm and a TOC level < 1ppb far exceeds all relevant reagent water quality standards including ASTM Type I, CLSI and ISO 3696 Type I. The system including dual wave-length UV lamp, TOC monitoring, ultrafiltration membrane Preventor 5000 and 0.1μm sterile filter produces the highest possible water quality. The system delivers ultrapure water that is RNase-, DNase- and DNA-free, with extremely low endotoxin level <0.001EU/ml.

The dispense flow rate is up to 2L/min for ultrapure water. The system has a fixed water dispenser and an optional flexible dispenser or an optional remote dispenser station to bring the water to your work. Labonova® Ultra Pro system has a new multi-color glass touch display with generous 7" size, and the operation system in 7 different languages. The customers from different countries could choose freely from Engish, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Portugese. The system has a graphic display, and you can just touch functional system components to complete the required operation. 

The energy saving operation mode enables the user to program the running cycles according to the real needs. A built-in automatic self-cleaning/sanitization mechanism extends the life of the ultrafiltration module. A flexible remote dispenser station even expands the scope of the user to dispense the water.

Typical Applications

General analysis

Standard buffer and solution preparation

Pyrogen-sensitive applications

Cell and tissue culture


HPLC & Mass Spectrometry

DNA sequencing

RNase- and DNase- free





  • New operation system in 7 languages version for customers from different countries

  • 7" size multi-color glass display for fast and easy operation

  • UF ultrafiltration module is equipped in the system

  • Dual wave-length UV lamp

  • TOC<1ppb

  • 0.1μm sterile filter in the recirculation loop

  • Volume control dispensing

  • SD card for data transfer

  • A built-in automatic self-cleaning mechanism extends the life of ultrafiltration module

  • Sterilization component, disinfecting the
    whole pipeline

  • Optional remote dispenser station to bring the water to customers' workplace


  • Output up to
  • 2 l/min
  • Conductivity at 25℃
  • 0.055 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25℃
  • 18.2MΩ-cm
  • TOC
  • <1 ppb
  • DNA, DNase,RNase
  • Free
  • Bacteria
  • <0.01cfu/ml
  • Endotoxins
  • EU/ml
  • particles>0.1μm
  • <1
  • Shipping weight
  • 26kg
  • Power supply V/Hz
  • 100-240/50-60
  • Dimension: H/W/D
  • 530/340/320
  • Feed water pressure
  • 0.1-5.0 bar
  • Conductivity
  • <20 μS/cm
  • TOC 
  • <50 ppb
  • CO2
  • <15 mg/l
  • Origin
  • Germany


  • Item
  • Cat. No
  • Pretreatment Module
  • W3T197621
  • Polishing Modules MFIIID
  • W3T197694
  • 0.1μm sterile filter
  • W2T526542
  • Disinfection kit
  • W2T199768
  • UV replacement lamp
  • W3T199143
  • UF ultrafitration Preventor 5000
  • W3T197614