Labonova® Central RO/EDI

Central Water Treatment Plant with Electro-Deionization Module

Labonova® Central RO/EDI is a particular central water treatment plant with minimal running and maintenance costs. The system uses reverse osmosis and electro-deionization technology to produce deionized water. The TOC content of the product water is less than 30ppb. The special layout of the separate bed process and the associated shift in pH value towards the acidic reduces the bacterial count and prevents bacterial growth in the cell. All plant are equipped with an RS 232 interface. The compact cabinet design means that our system occupies the samllest space.

Labonova® Central RO/EDI Series are available with either a single stage or a two-stage El-lon electro-deionization module. Our systems are distinguished by their ability to produce a consistent level of pure water quality, reaching conductivity values less than 0.1μS/cm in a single stage plant and below 0.07μS/cm in two-stage plant. No other system works more efficiently or more economically, as the El-lon module only has a 10% loss rate. 

When a mixed bed polishing module is used, the conductivity of the product water increases during normal operation. The resin has to be changed or regenerated if the maximum acceptable conductivity is reached. When using the El-lon electro-deionzation module, the water quality is constantly at the highest level. No regeneration, no quality variation.

Microbiological analysis has proven a remarkable reduction in the number of bacteria with high CFU counts in the feed water. The electrodes that contact the resin creat an electric field in the water that is unsuitable for bacteria to live in. The intermediate pH shift in the cells creates a positive effect for the removal of SiO2 and CO2 and helps as well to reduce bacterial growth. Another advantage of eletro-deionization is continuous operation. The resin is continually regenerated without the use of any chemicals. The energy consumption of this process is very low and serves as an advantage for the environment-using no chemicals and low power consumption.


  • The special layout of mixed bed resin process and the associated shift in pH value prevent bacteria growth.

  • Frame and open-fram design make maintenance convenient.

  • Compact design; the system covering area is less than 0.5 square metre.

  • EDI module has only 10% loss rate.

  • TOC content is less than 30ppb.

  • Conductivity is <0.1μS/cmin a single stage plant, and<0.07μS/cm in a two-stage plant.

  • Two kinds of El-lon EDI module versions: single-stage and twin-stage

  • At least three filtration stages: pretreatment, RO and EDI

Specifications--El-lon Single-Stage Module

Specifications--El-lon Twin-Stage Module