Labonova® Direct Pro

Superior-Quality & Powerful Integrated System

Labonova®Direct Pro is an integrated system that produces ultrapure and pure (Type I and Type II) water directly from a municipal tap water source. 

It has many useful and powerful components. The reverse osmosis (RO) unit has a high recovery rate of >30% to conserve water. The unique coninuous electro-deionization cell (CEDI) of the system has a flow rate of 20L/h and purifies RO product water down to a quality range between 0.06 to 0.2μS/cm. The pure water of CEDI product water can be drawn directly from the storage tank. The polishing cartridge can make the water quality come up to 18.2MΩ.cm with a TOC-level of <1 ppb. The ultrafiltration membrane delivers ultrapure water that is RNase, DNase and DNA free, and endotoxin content less than 0.001EU/ml.

The system water quality exceeds all reagent grade water quality standards including ASTM Type I, CLSI and ISO3696 Type I. The system includes ultrafiltration membrane, dual wave-length UV lamp, online TOC monitor and 0.1μm sterile filter. The super powerful configurations can meet all your various needs.

The system is equipped with a  control panel made of hardened glass LED lit capacitive sensors. A flexible remote dispenser enables the user to dispense water wherever it is needed. The built-in automatic flushing cycle extends the system life and reduce operating cost. The system can either be bench or wall mounted. Compared with other integrated systems, the water quality indicators of Labonova® Direct Pro meet or exceed the technical requirements. Its compact design and low running cost provides a highly efficient choice for all kinds of laboratory water requirements.

Typical Applications

General analysis

Standard buffer and solution preparation

Pyrogen-sensitive application

Cell and tissue culture

PCR & HPLC & Mass Spectrometry



DNA sequencing

DNA-free, RNase- and DNase-free

IVF & 2-D-electrophoresis


  • Integrated design to deliver both Type I and Type II water in one system

  • EDI cell is equipped to save the running cost

  • UF ultra filter is equipped in the system

  • TOC monitoring

  • Dual wave-length UV lamp

  • 0.1um sterile filter

  • Integrated RS232 interface for data recording

  • Volume control dispensing

  • Energy-Saving Mode is available


  • Type II production Rate
  • 20 l/h

  • Conductivity at 25℃
  • 0.06-0.2 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25℃
  • 5.0-16.6 MΩ-cm
  • Type I production rate
  • 2 l/min

  • Conductivity at 25℃
  • 0.055 μS/cm
  • Resistivity at 25℃
  • 18.2MΩ-cm
  • TOC
  • <1-3 ppb
  • DNase, RNase, DNA
  • free
  • Bacteria
  • <0.01 cfu/ml
  • Endotoxins
  • <0.001 EU/ml
  • Particles >0.1μm
  • <1 per/ml
  • Shipping weight
  • 46 kg
  • Power supply V/Hz
  • 100-240/50-60
  • Dimension: H/W/D
  • 530/900/320
  • Feed water pressure
  • 0.1-5.0 bar

  • Conductivity
  • <1400 μS/cm
  • TOC
  • <50 ppb
  • Colloid index
  • <3 SDI
  • Temperature
  • 5-35
  • Origin
  • Germany


  • Item
  • Cat. No
  • Pretreatment module AMB
  • W3T376169
  • RO module
  • W3T197620
  • Conditioning module
  • W3T388555
  • EDI cell
  • W3T198268
  • Tank vent filter
  • W3T199197
  • UV lamp (in the lank)
  • W2T558519
  • UV replacement tube
  • W2T558521
  • Polishing modules MFIIID
  • W3T376168
  • Ultrafiltration module
  • W3T197614
  • Sterile filter
  • W2T526542